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Just A Grandpa & A Millennial trying to make a difference.


The Millennial

Hi! I'm Natasha!

Technically I'm the millennial, but I'd say I have an old soul.  For me this podcast is a long time passion project in the making. Professionally, I have 10 years of leadership experience running and scaling sales and service teams. Personally, I'm obsessed with leadership and love a good conversation about life. Here are a few pictures of me with my wonderful boyfriend and our fur babies. We are looking forward to being on this journey together! 


The Grandpa

Hi! I'm Anthony!

I am the proud grandpa! I started this podcast to use my 30 years in leadership to help develop, inspire, and motivate people. I have made plenty of mistakes and want to help others avoid the pitfalls wherever possible. Listen in, think intensely, give us your feedback, and most importantly, inspire someone today!

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